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There are many unknown ruins around Kaş, as well as ancient cities such as Istlada, Apollonia, Isinda and Kyaenai. These are large and small ancient settlements. For example, there is a small settlement named Tysse on a low hill near Tüse Village.

Its area is 2,231 km². It is separated from Fethiye district of Muğla by Eşen Stream in the west. It is adjacent to Demre in the east and Elmalı districts in the north. Just across the Mediterranean, at a distance of 2,100 meters, is the Greek island of Meis. Located 189 km from Antalya city centre, Kaş has a coastline of around 70 km. The Mediterranean climate prevails in Kaş. Summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy. 700 m above sea level. Mediterranean climate effect is seen up to the altitude. The higher parts are under the continental climate effect. Kaş Town is the coolest place of our Mediterranean beaches during the summer. It also has the lowest values ​​of the Mediterranean coastline in terms of humidity in summer. It is the only center in Turkey where the air temperature never drops below 0 in winter.

Tourism in Kalkan and Gelemis Village has been developing rapidly in recent years.
For this reason, the number of touristic facilities is increasing rapidly. Kaş is one of the leading centers of our country, especially in terms of diver tourism.
Kas, which is the closest point to Meis Island, has an important tourism potential with its historical monuments and natural beauties. There are hotels built recently on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, which stretches out to the sea like a tongue.

It is possible to swim in the Big Pebble Beach, Small Pebble Beach and Akçagerme Beach in Kas. You can also go to Limanağzı beach by boat. Of the 6 caves around Kas, 18 km from Kas. Blue Cave, Aşirlı Island Sea Cave, and Güvercinlik Cave, which is famous for its pigeons, are the most famous ones.

Along with the increasing tourism activities in Kaş, nature sports such as trekking, mountaineering and rafting are also developing. Yeşilgöl and Uçarsu Waterfalls in Gömbe are natural areas that attract tourists. Gömbe, a plateau town at an altitude of 1220 at the bottom of Akdağ, is 65 km from Kaş. 3015 meters Akdag is the highest peak in the Western Taurus Mountains after Kizilar Sivrisi.

Komba ancient city in Gömbe and 13 km from here. away from the ancient city of Nisa. There is also the ancient city of Kandyba in Kas. The ancient city of Phellos is located 12 km from Kas. The sunken city in Kekova, which is important in terms of tourism, can be visited by boat, as well as by boat, by going to Üçağız by land. .

Diving and paragliding are among the leading sports in the district. It is considered to be the best diving site in Turkey. It is an important point in Turkey in terms of underwater natural and historical values. For this reason, underwater ecology, cave science and archeology researches have been carried out in the region since 2003. An important initiative in underwater archeology is the Kaş Archeopark Experimental Archeology Project, which was held in Hidayet Bay in October 2006.

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