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It is a touristic town connected to Kaş, west of Antalya.

There are no city remains or settlements of this period in Kalkan and its surroundings, which is located in the lands between Antalya and Fethiye, where the Lycian Civilization lived about 3000 years ago and where numerous cities were established. It is believed that Kalkan was founded 150 - 200 years ago by merchants from the nearby Greek island of Meis. Being a reliable port throughout history, it has maintained its importance as a port where agricultural and forest products coming from Elmalı-Gömbe-Bezirgan regions are marketed and loaded, but after the 1970s, with the opening of the Antalya highway, maritime trade weakened and almost ended.

For many years, with the effect of transportation difficulties, it could not gain vitality like the surrounding districts and protected itself.
It has been discovered especially by British tourists in recent years. An intense foreign population led by the British has settled in Kalkan today. Despite this rapid development, the part where the old texture of the city spread towards the mountains on which [Kalkan] rests has been preserved.

The sea in the town is stony, but the beach in Patara, 13 km away, provides an alternative with its shallow sea and sandy beach. Kalkan is clean and beautiful, which deserves to be awarded the dark blue flag.
Famous for its white-walled houses, Kalkan is an old Greek fishing village known as Kalamaki until the 1920s.
The church of the village, which remained from that time, is used as a mosque today.
There is Çata Island, which is uninhabited, off the coast of Kalkan Bay.

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